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Brose chairman reaches court settlement in false number plate case

The chairman and part-owner of Coburg, Germany based automotive plastic and steel door panel and window regulator producer Brose, Michael Stoschek, has managed to have proceedings against him dropped by judge Wolfram Bauer in a settlement in the local Coburg court involving payment of a €150,000 penalty.

Stoschek had been accused of forgery of documents and misuse of a vehicle number plate, because he had replaced the official metal number plate on his wife’s Porsche cabriolet car with a slightly smaller one made out of reflective adhesive plastic film.

As it turned out, Stoschek can consider to have nevertheless emerged relatively lightly from the case. The case came to court as Stoschek had not been prepared to accept a much higher fine of €1.65m, based at a rate of €33,000 per day over a 55-day period, the maximum amount possible, as calculated on account of his high income.

Stoschek admitted to the court that he had in fact used the adhesive plastic film number plate for some years, adding that this had been for “optical reasons”, since he considered the official number plate as simply too large for his wife’s car. This would have partly covered the radiator grille and thereby caused thermal problems, Koschek maintained.

His defence lawyer Rainer Brüssow criticised the way in which the state prosecutor had proceeded against Stoschek as a “demonstration of might”, as mitigating evidence had not been accepted by court, to which state prosecutor Martin Dippold countered that several attempts to reach agreement had been made before the case reached court. Stoschek criticised the state prosecutors’ office after the court case, saying that the trial had been political and adding that “we have only agreed to payment [of the fine] in order to save the taxpayer further costs”. Stoschek had hoped for acquittal.

The local Neue Presse Coburg newspaper revealed that the agreed Euro 150,000 fine will involve payments by the end of the year of Euro 100,000 to the World Hunger Aid charity and Euro 50,000 to the Bavarian association for care of prisoners and detained persons, as organisations chosen by Stoschek. The newspaper mentioned the view of the defendant that the case had been brought unreasonably and out of proportion, as demonstrated by closure of the B289 road for several hours, just to show that the plastic number plate could not be photographed with the car driven at speed.

Aside from his entrepreneurial activity at Brose as grandson of the founder Max Brose, Stoschek actively participates in sports car racing. This is a hobby that encouraged him to have the traditional Bertone-designed glass fibre reinforced plastic bodied 1973 Lancia Stratos HF sports car rebuilt in 2010 as his own individual one-off aluminium-framed version, designed by Pininfarina with carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) used for its bodywork, interior, seats and lithium battery housing. The CFRP parts were produced by Italian composite parts producer Eligio Re Fraschini in Legnano near Milan.

Brose itself has become increasingly uses plastics for lightweighting its window regulators, door panels and most recently also for seat shells too. “Organic sheet” is seen as having high potential, the company stated at its IAA 2015 press briefing.

PNE was present at Brose’s IAA 2005 press briefing, when the company announced introduction of its first plastic versions of its door modules in large series, produced with inline compounding equipment based on a Husky Quadloc moulding machine and a Leistritz compounding extruder.

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